GEO is both a co-founder of HomeSkillet Records and an artist under the label.  George Huff, “GEO” was born in Seattle, WA, raised in Sitka, AK, and now resides in Portland, OR.  A child of the Northwest, USA.  His influences are many, from grunge to hip-hop to classic rock.

Around the age of 13 mostly all his money went to buying new CDs and expanding his range of taste.  At 16 he started playing around on the internet and discovered downloading of music and file-sharing. This is where the range of influences expanded heavily – as well as where he found his first love, building websites.

Through web design GEO discovered both music and film, the latter of which has subsided, but the former lives strong through the HomeSkillet Records project, which was started around the age of 23. In Portland GEO runs the design agency We The Media specializing in you guessed it; web design, a project he started with another designer at age 26. He currently blogs at and writes for HomeSkillet Records.

GEO doesn’t record a lot and doesn’t play shows other than HomeSkillet Fest – why is he on the label? Because Nicholas Galanin needs a solid geek in the company.  (-; With the help of Nicholas Galanin, we should see a few produced tracks drop around June 2008.  Hold your breath.

Recent Entries About GEO


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The Hits

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