Phonetic is an Mc from Alaska with a very determined independent spirit. Phonetic built a small recording studio in his garage far away from anyone to teach him how it was done. He believed in learning hands-on, and over time became proficient at recording his own material and even making beats.

He recorded and marketed his first album The Birth with his group Highly Unlikely and began to make connections with other artists outside of his hometown. He set up his own shows as often as possible in an attempt to increase his fan-base.

He founded Feedus Productions in 2004 and made Southeast connections with Astronomar, a DJ from Juneau, and D-Script, an artist from Angoon. His natural competitiveness would direct him towards the battle circuit. He saw it as a way to gain respect as an artist, as well as network within the Hip Hop community.

In his first out of state battle in Seattle, Phonetic won in the first round but lost against his next opponent. Phonetic states, “I threw myself to the sharks, I wanted to see if I could swim”. I stood and battled in front of Cannabis, J-Live, Gift of Gab, and One Man Army. Not to mention a rather large crowd of 500 plus. ¬†After Brainstorm I realized Mc’s were a dime a dozen and most were not putting in the effort it took to set themselves apart from the pack.

In his next major battle at the 2004 Juice Competition, Phonetic was impressive and brought a confidence and style that shocked the Anchorage crowd. The DJ and the crowd begged the judges to let Phonetic have the mic again after being cheated out late in the tournament. The host for the Juice competition that evening was Arctic Flow Records artist/executive, Akream. Akream was impressed with Phonetic’s style and demeanor and later came across his demo. As impressive as Phonetic was as a battle Mc, when Akream heard his demo he realized that battling wasn’t even Phonetics greates strength as an mc. This lead to Akream signing Phonetic as the first artist on Arctic Flow Records’ partner label, Ice Box Entertainment.

Since being signed Phonetic has won the annual Juice competition. Also a the clockin in battle, set up by Akream for others to “come get Phonetic” after winning Juice. And the Battle for the banks tournament in Fairbanks where Phonetic easily walked through everyone and left the crowd very impressed. That makes Phonetics record 22-1 and undefeated in Alaska.

Phonetic is currently pushing his first Ice Box release entitled, The Notebook. The album features artists such as Akream, Josh Boots, and Soiled Seed as well as production by Ysae, Wes Green and Phonetic himself. The Notebook is a collection of songs that are very personal. Phonetic states ” I never thought these songs would be heard or be put out as product. I wrote these songs as a way to deal with my life at the time and never set out to let people hear them”.

The result is a solid album that doesn’t follow the typical rap formula. Phonetic starts his second album with the knowledge he has gained from time spent with Akream, Josh Boots, and Soiled Seed. To opening for Eyedea, Dell, Zion I, The Grouch, plus winning battles, and doing 75 plus shows. With two kids to support, and big dreams that have yet to meet financial realities, Phonetic is hungrier than ever.

He is now working on 3 or 4 projects and feels like in the next few years The Alaska scene is going to show it’s face to the rest of the Hip Hop world.

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