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Silver Jackson - It's Glimmering Now


In the past, Silver Jackson has served as an outlet for Galanin’s bluesier, folksier side, but the eclectic collection found on “It’s Glimmering Now” is nearly impossible to peg. There’s a long list of collaborators, which includes Seattle producer Psmoov, Rhymesayer’s Budo, members of Little Wings and Breathe Owl Breathe and many more. The old rustic qualities are still there, but the album takes a lot left-hand turns sonically. There are open and spacey moments, shades of hip-hop, singer/songwriting-leaning numbers and impressionistic washes of sound like the title track. Read more here

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and from The Stranger -
Sitka, Alaska, a town just south of Juneau, is the home of the indie label Home Skillet Records. And Home Skillet Records recently released a gem by Silver Jackson (the artist/singer/musician Nicholas Galanin). A mix of eerie blues, twisted folk, and experimental hiphop, Glimmering includes production from two bright stars in Seattle’s hiphop galaxy, P Smoov (Fresh Espresso, Mad Rad) and OC Notes (Metal Chocolates), and vocal contributions from Reva DeVito (you can also find her on Dark Time Sunshine’s Vessel, a record you should also buy during this spending season). A bonus: Glimmering does tap into a stream of Native American spirituality. CHARLES MUDEDE

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